Climb Goddamn Clothing Recycling Program

What is the Climb Goddamn Program?

So you've been getting free size-ups since you were born, and now you're looking to keep the Mount Inspiration vibes alive! Well, we won't let you down dudes and dudettes, because we freaking love recycling... And most of all, we love you!!

You know what we also love? Practicing what we preach. We know people buy new shirts all the time, and that's super cool and we're super thankful. But sometimes, you just get tired of your shirt and want another one. And that's AY-OK, homie.

That's why we started the Mount Inspiration Climb Goddamn Program for adults. Whenever you're tired of your old garment, or it's just plain worn out, just shoot us a note and we'll recycle it and send you an upcycled shirt from another program participant. You just cover shipping.

Want a brand new tee? That's cool too -- just send in your old one and we'll give you the new one at 50% off. Yay. Everybody wins!


Buy a new shirt in your current size. Lose the weight. Send us pics. New, smaller tee and lots of Instagram love on us. Boom!

How do you recycled the garments?

That's the number one question we get. Right now, we are still using blanks suppliers for all our super-awesome, super-sustainable products -- so until we start making them ourselves, we are simply re-using the garments you send in, in the form of upcycling them other program participants and an upcycled rack in our store in Asheville. 

When we start making blank shirts ourselves in a few years, we will tear down the old shirts and remake new ones from them. But for now, we will send them to other participants and have them at an extreme discount for others who may not be able to afford brand new sustainable tees.

We will donate all the unclaimed, reusable garments to homeless shelters and  and other socially beneficial orgnanizations at the end of each year.

Does it cost anything?

We do ask that you cover the shipping costs at this point (first class is only a few bucks each way!). Eventually we plan to make the program 100% free for all participants.

Sounds super awesome. What else do you need from me?

Just fill out the form below and we'll send you some more deets about the program... But once this is filled out, consider yourself IN LIKE FLINT, baby!

**This program operates on the honor system. Please don't abuse it.